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Assistant Coach Responsibilities

All volunteers who interact with players must be badged and undergo a FULL background check. 

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  1. All Volunteers who interact on game or practice fields with players MUST be background checked and have an EVPW Badge that they wear to ALL games. No exceptions. Ever.

  2. All other team volunteers are given their roles at the discretion of the Head Coach.

  3. The EVPW board reserves the right to revoke badge privileges from any volunteer at any time and for any reason with majority vote of the board. 

Assistant Coach Role and Responsibilities

last updated March 2020

An Assistant Coach is a representative of EVPW at all times.  As a league we expect you to be an example to your players and the community, while serving as a volunteer with EVPW.  

General Role

The assistant coach's role is to aid the head coach during as well as preparation for practice and games, in teaching and instilling a love for the game of football. Managing drills, instruction, player rotations, play counts, play calling, field monitoring, set up and tear down are all discretionary roles determined by the Head Coach.

How is This Role Chosen?

The Head Coach of each team determines who will volunteer and in what role. 


ALL badged volunteers must be certified by Pop Warner partner, USA Safe Football.  Click Here for Certification Links


Responsibilities Including but Not Limited To

Home Game Field Set Up and Tear Down:

When a team has a home game, the staff is responsible for setting up the field if they are the first game of the day and tearing it down if they are the last game.  This requires a team effort and leaving it for the Head Coach to do alone, or for league volunteers is not acceptable. 

Home Game Field Monitoring:

When a team has a home game, it is responsible for having one badged volunteer to arrive ten minutes prior to the start of the preceding game before their own. This person will be the field monitor and represent EVPW as a league to make sure rules are followed by both teams and play counts are accurate. 

Follow the Practice Plan:

Assistant coaches must follow their Head Coach's practice plans to the best of their ability. Filling in free time when applicable, but keeping freelancing during practice to an amount acceptable to the Head Coach.

Drill Management:

Assistant coaches are expected to understand the concepts being taught during drills that they are running to ensure they are teaching proper technique that fit the Head Coach's schemes. 

Behavioral Modeling:

Coaches are role models for young men and women. When on a football field, coaches should be modeling respectful behavior with parents, other coaches and especially players. 

Player Assessment and Rotation:

Assistant coaches, especially if assigned a position group, should endeavor to provide feedback about player talent and progress. Or if given the authority, manage player rotation.

Equipment Management:

Coaches may be asked to transport, store, set up and tear down equipment throughout the season


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