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Coach In Training Responsibilities

All volunteers who interact with players must be badged and undergo a FULL background check. 

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  1. All Volunteers who interact on game or practice fields with players MUST be background checked and have an EVPW Badge that they wear to ALL games. No exceptions. Ever.

  2. All other team volunteers are given their roles at the discretion of the Head Coach.

  3. The EVPW board reserves the right to revoke badge privileges from any volunteer at any time and for any reason with majority vote of the board. 

Coach In Training Role and Responsibilities

last updated March 2020

A Coach in Training is a representative of EVPW at all times.  As a league we expect you to be an example to your players and the community, while serving as a volunteer with EVPW.  

General Role

A Coach in Training is an assistant coach under the age of 18 who is learning to coach. EVPW will provide letters of acknowledgement for their time spent coaching for use with school admissions or scholarships.

How is This Role Chosen?

The Head Coach is responsible for choosing to have a Coach in Training.

Responsibilities Including but Not Limited To

The CIT is essentially a younger version of an Assistant Coach. Their roles can be as involved as the Head Coach determines. The designation allows the board to generate upon request, documentation detailing the involvement by the student. 

  • CITs count towards the 7 badge limit per team
  • CITs must be background checked like all badged volunteers.

Click Here for a list of Assistant  Coach roles and responsibilities.



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