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Volunteer Positions

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Badged Volunteer Roles

All badged Volunteers require a full Background check by the league before interaction with Players

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Volunteer Roles Not Requiring a Badge


Snack and Hydration:

All coaches handle these duties differently, but they are essential, especially the Water Jug(s) and snack.  Having a trusted volunteer to get water to and from games and practices is essential in Arizona. Check with your Coach about how your team handles these tasks.

Chain Crew:

Each home team is responsible for a three person Chain Crew.  They hold the three sticks that represent the down marker and distance needed for a first down. Every referee has given instructions on their use three times or more a day, every day they have taken the field so they are good at teaching anyone how to do it.  Volunteering for the Chain Crew helps your team but also gets you a front row seat to the game. 

Shade Tent, Sideline Setup and Tear Down:

Shade Tents in Arizona heat should almost be mandatory equipment. Setting them up is time consuming and coaches usually need to be game planning or warming up the team. Helping set up and tear down the sideline before and after games is something every coach is going to appreciate.

Game Film

Game film is a critical piece of game planning and player evaluation for most coaches, especially at the older levels.  Some teams hire professionals who can be counted on to always be present and take consistent quality recordings. However, a parent who can be counted on can save the team hundreds of dollars a season. Pop Warner rules prohibit filming on the sidelines or behind goal posts. 


The league, your team and your kids all love great shots of a great play. If you a camera and eye capable of capturing some great photos, it is rare to have them turned down. You must be behind all parent barriers and can not take photos from behind the goal posts. This usually requires a telephoto lens. Talk to your Team Parent or Business Manager about posting them to the league and team social media.

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Boeing is a valued supporter of EVPW and EVPW teams

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Autonation Chevrolet Gilbert

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Are you looking for a quality vehicle, fair deal and a salesperson who supports Chandler Youth Football? Look no further than Doug Bonham at Autonation Chevrolet in Gilbert.  


Doug Bonham

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Intel is a valued supporter of EVPW and EVPW teams

Sponsored by Keith Poole's Training Zone

Keith Poole's Training Zone

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Chandler is a highly competitive district for High School athlete's. This is especially true for football. Strength and Speed Conditioning in the offseason gets your youth athlete in shape and better prepared to compete. Keith Poole, played at the highest levels in the sport and he knows how to get the most from young athletes.  He has partnered with EVPW teams and individual athletes to help them elevate their physical abilities. 


Dick's is a valued supporter of EVPW

Sponsored by Ignite Performance

Ignite Performance

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At Ignite, we believe in providing  “opportunity”. Whether that be the opportunity to get a scholarship, make the varsity, or have a shot at getting drafted, our goal is to provide our athletes with the best opportunity possible to achieve their highest dreams.  We put the athlete first.