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Restricted Registration

Restricted (Late) Registration

Balancing teams across each division so that numbers, coach requests, friend requests and weight restrictions is not an easy task. It is also a task that can't really be started until almost all registrations are complete, just a few days before the start of the season. So before requesting a Restricted Registration, please be aware that as an all volunteer league, we are juggling quite a bit during this timeframe. 

How do I Request a Restricted Registration

Below this FAQ is button which will generate an email request form. Please fill it out as accurately as possible. Incorrect information will lead to a rejection of your Restricted Registration Request.

What is a Restricted Registration

This means we have stopped registration for most of the league and are only accepting registrations for certain teams and/or divisions.  

Why Is Registration Only Open For Some Teams or Divisions?

We almost always will have at least one or two full teams in each division by mid July.  Some years we will completely fill up the teams we have available in a division. Some years we will have a coach prepared to take a hand full of kids from a couple full teams and create a third team. Some years we don't have the coaches to do that and must stop registration for an entire division. 

Why Can't You Just Add My Kid to a Full Team?

The perfect number for a tackle team is somewhere between 24-27. That gives you the numbers to have full 11 on 11 practices and rest kids during games. If that number goes up, then everyone gets less reps at practice, less snaps during games.  When teams get in to the mid thirties, it becomes tough even for effective coaches to be competitive.  We want your kid to play football with us, but when a team is full, we have to respect the other kids already on the team.

Why Was I Not Notified That Registration Was Closing?

All of this is in our Calendar, Registration FAQ and General FAQ. 


Registration is Now Open


When we begin to close teams and divisions, check here for information. Generally in the early to mid July time frame. 

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