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Corona Virus Policies

Current Corona Virus Policies

last updated 8/13/2021

2021 Covid Rules 


Currently, if a player has a positive test result, the whole team quarantines for ten days.  Those who are exposed, can choose to provide a negative test result or proof of vaccination in paper form, to the Head Coach who will pass on to the League. 

Covid positive player(s) will remain quarantined for ten days and then return to practice only with a negative test result and release from doctor.

Exposed, players who do not test positive can return with the following. 

  • Provide a paper copy of a  negative result OR proof of vaccination (for older kids) to the player's head coach to provide to the league.


Exposed players who do not test, can not test, or choose not to provide a copy of the negative test results, will choose to remain quarantined for 10 days. 

The Head Coach decides if practice can resume, based on numbers of coaches and/or players that are cleared to return.  A practice with a handful of players or limited coaching, may not be productive.  

*We are working with AZ Federation and will update on Monday 8/16 at our League Zoom Meeting with details.