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Registration FAQ

How Do I register?

Click on this link and follow the instructions. Check back here with any questions. 

I have questions that are NOT about registration. Where do I look?

Check out our Parent Portal FAQ. Here you will find questions about tackle football, team and practice info and similar information

I am not from Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa or Tempe what Pop Warner league should I register with?

Arizona Pop Warner Federation has leagues covering every part of the valley.  EVPW is only for those who want to practice and play in the east valley. 

When Can I Register?

April through close of registration. The number of teams in each division vary from season to season.  Registration will close when we each team in a division is full. Once registration closes for a division, all new divisions will be restricted. All registrations are generally open April through the end of June. 

How much does it cost to register?

For Football,  if you do NOT want to rent a helmet and shoulder pads, the cost to register is $275 for Early Bird and $325 for Late Registration. You can then chose to rent a helmet and shoulder pads for an additional $50.

Cheer is $250 fee with no equipment rentals needed.

Is there a scholarship program?

We are an all volunteer, non profit league and want every kid who wants to play football to have a chance. However, we can not afford to give scholarships to all requests. We endeavor to raise funds specifically for scholarships but these funds vary from season too season.

To apply for a scholarship please Click Here and fill out the email request.   In general we will accept them in order of application but reserve the right to bump others ahead due to need.

Are there Payment Plans?

Yes. If you choose a Payment plan option the amount you pay during Early Bird, General or Late Registration will be divided in to three equal payments. The first third will be paid at the time of registration. The second third will be paid on 6/15 and the last third on 7/15. If you register after 6/15 you will need to pay two thirds of the total. If you register after 7/15 then there is no payment plan option. 

Are there any additional costs besides registration?

Potentially for Football. These costs pay for the helmets, shoulder pads, fields, refs, trainers and Pop Warner dues. However, there are a few pieces of equipment you might want your child to have depending on their position, as well as potentially some team fundraising.  Please check out the General FAQ for more info. 

With Cheer there will be fundraising for teams that have a chance to compete nationally. Due to the success and prominence of EVPW in AZ this is most teams. 

What is the difference between registering online or in person?

Nothing. We will collect the same paperwork and go through the same online registration. Coming in to the In Person registrations is to drop off paperwork or for generally for new players and parents who would like to ask some questions about the league, the teams that are not covered here in the Registration FAQ, or just prefer to talk in person.

When and where are you In Person Registration Events?

You can find them on our Calendar Page

When creating a Sports Engine Account, is it for me or my child?

When you initially create an account in order to register for the first time, you will be creating a Sports Engine account for you, the primary parent involved with your child's sport. This email and account will be the league's primary contact point. Once you get in to the registration, you will be able to add secondary contacts. 

Once you create an account you will be sent a validation email. Open it and activate your account and you will then you'll be able to register online.

What team will my child be on?

Teams are created by the league and no rosters are set until they are finalized. Practice locations, returning players, number of players in a given division and many other factors get juggled to create team rosters.  A team request is a goal we work to fill but is never guaranteed placement.  Please check out the General FAQ for more info. 

What Division should I enroll my child for Football?

See below for descriptions of Unweighted and Weighted Teams.

Pop Warner has Weighted and Unweighted teams .  All teams are broken up by age, but some teams also separated by the weight of the players as well.  Weighted teams insure that all of the kids are essentially the same size. Unweighted teams are only separated by age. Unweighted teams play against Unweighted teams only. Weighted teams only play against other Weighted teams.

In general, as a league we always recommend that players be the oldest and heaviest on team. We call this playing down. Especially for their first year playing tackle.  Older allows them to absorb more coaching and understand their role better. Heavier allows them to have a physical edge and be less likely to be intimidated and give them the confidence to succeed. 

However, you know your child best. If you feel the heightened competition of playing in a division where they are smaller or younger, as long as they meet the age and (with weighted teams) weight requirements, then it is up to you as a parent to sign them up. 

*Be aware that when registering, the only options that will be available to you are the divisions that your child's age and weight, as well as teams we have available at EVPW. 

How do you determine what team my son or daughter plays with in A Division?

The short answer is, it is complicated. 

With football we have Weighted and Unweighted divisions that you can choose. Every year, the number of teams we have in each division will fluctuate as teams move up in age, or portions stay down while other portions move up. Some times teams will move from other leagues as well. If players have played with a coach in seasons prior, then we allow them to grandfather in. Those players may bring friends and we will try to get them on teams together leaving only a few spots. Other teams may have a large group of players age up and have a lot of slots available. Veteran coaches will have requests and new coaches will have slots to fill. After requests and grandfathering in players, new players are slotted by the practice location closest to their home (but close is always a relative term).

What division should my child play in for Cheer?

Depending on enrollment, teams are formed primarily based on age. 

WHY should I choose a Weighted Division?

Parents and coaches will give different responses to this question. One generally agreed upon argument is that most kids are generally in similar height and weight categories growing up and playing in a weighted league means that kids can learn the sport without encountering kids who have matured faster or are just bigger. A kid who might love football gets hit by a kid twice his weight and decides to never play again, is something to consider. 

What are Weigh Ins?

In the weighted divisions, prior to every single game, every player on both teams will weigh in on a certified scale to verify that the players are the correct weight. If a player is too light or heavy, they will not be able to play. Parents should consider this scenario when deciding which division to register. 

What is an Unweighted Division?

Players are only divided up by their age. But the size of the kids is not a factor. With unweighted divisions, we generally recommend that players be older when choosing between divisions. 

Why should I choose an Unweighted Division?

Some kids who are just naturally bigger, have a better experience when they are playing with and against kids their own age. In a weighted division a larger kid might be the youngest on a team but could be the oldest in an unweighted division. Some parents may also feel that differences in size is part of the game and want their child challenged. Another consideration is that unweighted football is harder to form teams at times due to limited numbers. Some players may be asked to play for weighted teams if league numbers do not allow for a team in their age range.

When do I have to turn in paperwork?

All paperwork must be turned in before the start of the first practice   on 8/1. A physical signed by a physician is required to practice. 

Where do I turn in paperwork?

You can come in to an In Person Registration Event or to your team's Business Manager.  Ultimately all paperwork handed in to the league, ends up with the Business Manager for your team and placed in a binder that travels to every game.

Can I register without my paperwork?

Absolutely.   You will save money the earlier you register.

The deadline for to turn in your Pop Warner Physical and Player Contract Forms to your team is 7/31. Your child absolutely will NOT practice until their Pop Warner Physical Form is signed by their doctor.  Grade forms and Birth Certificates are required prior to Team Book Certification (week 2 of practices).

Where is a list of the  paperwork I need?

Click Here to download what you need and a list of what you need to gather.  It will update when Federation provides this seasons paperwork. This usually happens in April or early May.

When will my coach contact me?

Rosters are not finalized until mid July and coaches can not practice with their team in July. So if you are new to the league or a team, your child is not missing out on any team practices until the season begins 8/1.  Your coach will be contacting you with their practice field location, practice days and times as well as the Equipment Handout time. 

What field will my child practice on?

Your child's team will be assigned a practice location and we try to put new players on teams closest to their home. 

East Valley schools and parks are in constant use and extraordinarily high demand. Field space and convenient locations for all our parents is a league goal, but one made very difficult by the competition for space across the East Valley. 

Can I register without using a credit card online?

Yes. You must come to an In Person Registration, locations and times on our Calendar page. We except cash or money order, but no personal checks.  Before coming in, create and log in to your account and go through the registration process, all the way up until payment. This way, when you go to the event, most of your registration will be repopulated and we can just finish the registration on site.

Are there Payment Plan options available?

Yes, but only with credit cards. When you register online with a credit card, we charge 50% upfront and then will charge an amortized amount weekly for the remaining time left until the close of registrations on 7/31. If you had $100 left to pay and were 10 weeks away from the start of the season, you would be charged $10 a week. If you do the plan two weeks out from the start of the season, you would be billed $50 a week. The payment plan system is better when signing up early (and getting the discount) than when done right before the season begins.

My Question was not answered by the Registration FAQ....

Please check out the General FAQ for more info or send an email to if you still need answers.

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