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Weigh Master Responsibilities

WeighMaster Role and Responsibilities

last updated March 2020

A Weighmaster is a representative of EVPW at all times.  As a league we expect you to be an example to your players and the community, while serving as a volunteer with EVPW.  

General Role

Assistant in the Weigh In process at the beginning of each football game to make sure that both teams meet identification, grade, age and weight requirements.

How is This Role Chosen?

This role is chosen by the head coach and the volunteer must attend Weigh Master certification training at the beginning of the season.

Responsibilities Including but Not Limited To

On Game Day's the Weigh Master's job consists of the following

  • Before or at team arrival, locate the Weigh Station, determine time for Weigh Ins and notify the Head Coach
  • Verify that team Books/Binders are ready for review.
  • Check in with the Head Coach 10 minutes prior to Weigh Ins to verify all team members have arrived and see if a request for delay is appropriate (Delays are not usually given)
  • Arrive at the Weigh Station at least five minutes prior to the team's arrival with Binders ready for review
  • Verify that all paperwork is present for each player and that player's age, weight and grades meet Pop Warner eligibility standards.
  • Return the Binders/Books to responsible party if not yourself